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Online Slot Machines Malaysia - Play Free Games and Pokers offers players a wide range of online slot machines Malaysia from Leocity88, Ace games and Maxims games. Here, you are totally free to pick up any games you like to enjoy. To play the online slot machine Malaysia, most players may believe that they do not need any particular tactics apart from their luck to play in slot games. That is because they have not learnt these slot strategies to enhance wining possibilities from playing slot games longer, achieve more bonuses and reach closer to win for jackpot. Let’s have a look at what is highly recommended when playing online free slot machines Malaysia to win big.

Learn how online slot machines malaysia payout operates

The payout percentages of slot machines will be different from any casino, the player could check how they are from the different website. Basically, the casinos do not public this confidential information to the players, but there would be some insiders which can get this hint and have published them online or sometime in newsletters and magazines. Or you can chat box with customer service team to know more. The payout percentage is thought to be varied from 80 to 90 percent. Therefore, the rest is dependent on you luck and how you choose the slot machine malaysia with the highest percentage of payout that may somehow maximize you odds to win the game.

Set up the long term plan

If the players have a lot of time to play online slot machines for a couple of days, it would be best to find out how to plan the funding budget so as to cover all the period of your playing time. The simple tips are listed as below for your guidance.

Determine how many days you get

First of all, the players have to decide how many days they will spend for online slot machines and then they can decide how long you will spend time in each stage of playing slot machines online.

Find the affordable lose per hour

The players should divide the number of days with the daily budget for each hour in each day to easily decide how much the players can afford to lose in each hour of playing slots game. For example, if you have planned to play slot for 5 days under the maximum bet of 400 USD a day, by which only 4 hours is allowed to play online slot machines on a daily basis, and the money amount of 100 USD is what you can afford to lose in every hour. Under this scheme of calculation, the players will simply remind themselves if it seems to pay out more than 100 USD for each hour then, the players may decide to stop playing for an hour.

Block your budget limit

Before entering in the online slot machines website, the players need to decide the limit of money’s amount to lose as well as the limit of double money to earn and stick to that if the players win the game, they should stop once reach the double money. On the contrary, if the players lose, you would also stop after your money lose at your max limit. Hope you enjoy free online slot machines Malaysia at!