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Highway king slot game C the best online speed game in the world|en

Highway king slot game C the best online speed game in the world
[ 26-05-2016 ]
Highway king slot game C the best online speed game in the world

Online games are not a strange name with players over the world. They have appeared for a long time with a lot of different forms and betting games considered as the most played form. Today, I will introduce to you a speed game which launched by Playtech, the leading software provider in gaming industry in Malaysia, this is highway king slot game.

This slot game is considered as the most played speed game today. When going to this game, you will be surprised because of the nice interface, great graphics and a lot of colorful symbols related to its theme. It is very easy to understand with a great ideal of big winnings to beat. Only hear the name of this game, you can guess its theme is about driving huge trucks. There are a lot of symbols related to unique theme, so you have to control your truck carefully in your big rig and get big wins when highest value symbols falling down the screen.

Going to highway king slot game, you will be immersed in the world of speed with huge trucks fast rush on the road. To come up with and pass them, you need to fasten your seat belt and start your engine as fast as you can. On the highway, try to collect pistons, gas tanks, spark plugs, truck wheels, lucky dice as well as 3 kinds of trucks (red, yellow and green truck) to get the winning. Keep your eyes on wild and scatter symbols to your best profit.

Unlike other games, the thrilling game does not offer bonus rounds but high payouts from basic symbols and scatters and wilds can make up for the shortage of free spins. In addition, it is a game related to the Dollar ball progressive jackpot – a lotto style. Progressive jackpots are connected to other casinos in the Playtech network, therefore, the jackpot you win can be huge. To play this Dollar Ball feature, select “Enable” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then, you will have to choose 5 out of 49 numbers or let the game select for you by “Random”. When you return to the main game, your 5 numbers will appear at the top of the screen. If any match the one number you’ve chosen, you’ll get a prize. If luck, match all five, the jackpot is yours. One thing I like in the highway king slot game is it doesn’t begin again from nothing even if someone has just got the progressive jackpot. If you do not want to enable this feature, just ignore it. It is ok. But I suggest that you should enable this Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, it is the chance for you to increase the ability of winning and get biggest prizes. So, do not miss it.

With great interface, lifelike sound effects as well as exciting prizes, the game makes people loves and wants to play it at the first moment. How about you? Join now.