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General Sports Betting FAQ|en

General Sports Betting FAQ
[ 21-03-2016 ]
General Sports Betting FAQ
Is sports betting only for experts?

No,  definitely  not. You  do  not  need to  be  a sports  expert,  and  you  do  not  need to  be  an  expert in online gambling Malaysia. Part of the appeal of sports betting is that it is so simple to get started, and you do not need much knowledge to have fun. Apparently your chances to win increase if you have a lot of sports understanding or known well about betting strategies, but neither of these is a important requirement to experience betting.

Can I make money from sports betting?

Yes, absolutely. If you have enough knowledge of the sports you are going to bet on, and have a basic understanding of betting strategies, then it is highly possible to become a consistent winner. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination though, and does take great time and effort.

What are the different types of odds?

The various kinds of odds often confuse bettors, specifically beginners. There are 3 primary  formats that  bookmakers  and  Malaysia online betting website  uses  ­  decimal,  fractional  and  money  line. Decimal odds are gradually getting the standard, but fractional and money­line odds are still widely played.

What are the different types of bets?

There are lots of various types of bets you can make, so we will not list them all here. Instead, we would  recommend  that  you  have  look  at  the  following  page  where  we  explain  them  all  in some details.

What can I bet on?

You  can  bet  on  quite  much  any  sport,  and  any  sporting  events  you  wish.  Modern  bookmakers normally  cover  a  very  wide  range  of  various sports,  particularly  when  operating  online,  and  they typically  cover  non­sporting  gambling markets too. These  are things like  politics, the weather,  and even TV shows.

How much should I stake?

This is totally up to you. The only definite rule is that you should not stake any amount bigger than what  you  are willing  to  lose. There  is NEVER a sure  thing  in  online  betting Malaysia,  and  every single bet you place is risky.
If you are serious about your sports betting, and attempt to earn a consistent profit, you should ideally have  an  appropriate staking  plan in place  determining  how much you stake  on  any given bet. You should also be sure to make good bankroll management.

What is the best sport to bet on?

There is no exact answer to this question. If you are an avid golfing fan then golf is probably the best sport for you to make bet on, but if you know definitely nothing about golf then it apparently is not. As a basic rule, it makes sense to just wager on no matter what sports you know the most about. That is not necessarily the case though, as you also have to consider elements such as the number of betting chances a sport presents and how simple it is to make the best decision.

How do I choose my selections?

There will not be many bookmakers still in business if there was a simple answer to this question. The best  answer  is  of  course  to  bet  on  what  you suppose  will  happen,  and  this  is  exactly  what  most gamblers do. Successful sports betting is more difficult than that though. There  are  a few  elements you need to take into account when making your selections, most notably the relevant odds.