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Special slot game Malaysia features|en

Special slot game Malaysia features
[ 16-03-2016 ]
Special slot game Malaysia features

Special features

There  are  a  wide  range  of  distinctive  features  when  you  enjoy  slots  at  Malaysia  online betting website – some of which seem to be strange to you if you are accustomed to playing on  land  based  machines. These  bonus  features  are  invented  to  improve  your  games  and online  slots  experiences,  providing  you  more  chances  of  completing  winning  combination, earning some free spins, or raising your winnings through multipliers. Some features do not even have to land on triggered pay­lines to support your game; read on to understand some of the most popular unique features and how they can aid you as you enjoy the game.


These icons are for assisting you to complete winning combinations, by taking place all the other icons on the reels. For example, if a Jack is wild on the game you experience, you can land 10, 7, 9, 10, Jack on the reels – and the Jack would then automatically count as a 10 to complete a 3 of a kind winning combinations (if that was a winning combination displayed on your payout table). Wilds offer you more chances of winning – the only icon which a wild will not take place is a scatter (see below).

Sticky Wilds

A sticky wild is called as a wild symbol which has an additional special function since it will stay in place on the reels for a number of spins – the number of spins will be stated in your online slots Malaysia games rules.

Freezing Wilds:  Another name for a sticky wild.

Expanding Wilds

These wilds function like any standardized wild symbol, but when one arrives on the reel, it will  stretch  to  fill  the  whole  reel  for  that  spin,  offering  you  a  huge  chance  of  completing winning combinations across your triggered pay­lines.


These bonus features are distinctive since they do not need to be on an activated pay­line to support your game. Scatters can fall on anywhere on the reels, and when you hit the min number required (as displayed in the rules section of your selected online slots game) you will trigger a bonus game.

Bonus game

A bonus game is known as an interactive game which pops on your screen when triggered by  fulfilling  the  required  criteria  –  e.g.  three  or  more  scatters  on  your  reels  or  hitting  a particular  symbol  combination. Bonus  games  add  an  amazing  element,  but  also  offer  you with additional rewards like free spins, multipliers and on the spot cash prizes.

Free spins

When you activate the free spins via the shown criteria you gain a number of free spins on the reels, at no price to you. In some games, free spins can be activated without an upper limit, providing you lots of free time at the reels for free.

Progressive jackpot

This is an additional side bet in Real Money games merely. The jackpot is connected across some machines and rises in value as players opt in to the extra side bet. There is no upper restriction to the jackpot payout and when the jackpot is activated randomly it is right away reset to the base amount.