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Online gambling Malaysia|en

[ 19-10-2015 ]
Online gambling Malaysia

I am an Indonesian. I came Malaysia for working already 3 years. I am working as a helper at food court center in Petaling Jaya. The salary for a helper actually is so little. We as a foreigner workers are very pity. People are stereotyping on us because they think we occupy their country, we are competing the working chances and also we make crimes. People are enlarging some minority mistakes which did by other foreigner workers and blaming on us. It becomes the barriers for us to find a job in Malaysia. Even though we get a vacancy but the salary is so bad. It might enough to survive in Malaysia but we have no extra for saving and send it back to our home. Our families are still waiting for the money from us. People here are looking down on us, they think we can just do some hard work and we are cheaper workers compare to Malaysian workers. The payment is poor, so that, we forced to bet our luck. A group of us are playing Online sports betting Malaysia, perhaps that’s a way to help us. Due to recently World Cup is coming, everyone is talking about this. Honestly, we are not familiar with sports. I had listened to some local workers to discuss about this. They gave us a lot of suggestion and shared us their personal experiences. Since I don’t know much about this, so I only follow what the people said and follow their bet. Who knows… I lose the match. I mean, I lose a month pocket money to my family. I have no money to send back home and they are calling me every day for asking money. I am freaking stressful every day for thinking where can I get the money to my family. Or else I gonna bet another match? How if I lose again? I have no more money for this month… I should not gamble at the beginning. I should working harder to get more money instead of playing gamble. I am so regret and stress….. 

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