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Part time job|en

[ 14-10-2015 ]
Part time job

I am a student and I am having 3 months semester break and nothing to do. I would like to look for a part time job but failed. I saw a lot of vacancy wanted at Kuala Lumpur but I could not apply due to I do not have accommodation at Kuala Lumpur. I am looking forward to work at Kuala Lumpur because the salary is much better than I working at my hometown. It could 3 multiple of salary comparing to my hometown. Since now, I still not able to afford the rental in Kuala Lumpur so I forced to work at my hometown to collect the money and then I will try to find a job at Kuala Lumpur. Since the salary too little, so I decide to find another job. That mean I am doing two jobs at the same time. I am so lucky until one day my friend introduced me an easy job which is just promote and introduce the Online Sports betting Malaysia to people. As I am a sporty girl, so I have a lot of friends who likes sport. Some more I could do this job at home even anytime. I have to make sure every month I could reach target to find at least 20 persons to reach the website. Sometimes, I still get extras when I find more people to play online gambling. I am happy because the payment is satisfied and it is actually easy. At the same time, I know a lot of new friends through this job as well. There was a friend who still inviting me to work for his company at Kuala Lumpur and promise to provide transport and accommodation for me as well. Therefore, after one month I worked at my hometown, I shifted to KL for working at the new company. My colleague and even the manager are addicted to online gambling once I introduced to them. I found that the city people are much different as us who come from rural. They always complaint about the salary is too little but for me it is enough and much better than I worked before. However, the more they like gamble, the more I get. I like this part time job very much and now I still thinking to continue although my semester break end. 

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