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Cockfight is considered to be one of the most played games in the world. When mentioning cockfight, people often think that this game is really a “brutal and bloody game” between two roosters which manages to fight the other one to hit it to death while the owners make bets. Cockfight brings people a great sense of power and status. The cock owners look after it and help it to become the most powerful one. When they find out that the cock is old enough, they will take it to the fight and bet for money. The cock winner will be determined as follows:

1. If one cocks dies, the survivor will win the game.

2. If both cocks are still alive but can not struggle against any more, the “koyme” will pick up both cocks and allow them to peck each other. Whichever does not peck anymore will lose the game. Two pecks is all you need to win the game

3. If one cock goes away from the fight, it will be announced as the loser. That is the traditional cockfight. Nevertheless, Mas889 provides you online cockfight betting at your comfort from home.

Visiting this online cockfight betting online site, players do not need to bring their cocks to any place any more. All they need is to have a computer with internet connection and experience online cockfight with your fingers clicking the games you are keen on. Remember to sign up as a Mas889 member to enjoy cockfight betting game. We provide you a free trial play to get you used to the game. When you get familiarized with online cockfight, you can place a bet as huge as you would like. We guarantee to offer you the same excitement as you watch live. It is definitely true that placing a bet on cockfight will bring you the best experience since you try your best to earn actual money from the game.