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All you need to know if you want to win Blackjack|cn

All you need to know if you want to win Blackjack
[ 23-09-2016 ]
All you need to know if you want to win Blackjack

Not only Blackjack is the staple of table games, but it is also one of the most popular casino games in the world. With easily playing rules, Blackjack appeals both of man and woman. When technology develop strongly combine with the help of internet, online Blackjack is found and played at everywhere throughout the world. If you want to experience Blackjack as well as get basic information about other table games, this article is the key for you.

When playing different kinds of table games, you will find it is relatively same. But in fact, only when playing and experiencing real Blackjack game, you will find difference. Here are all you need to know if you want to play and win consistently Blackjack table game.

Blackjack rules

Blackjack also known as 21 is one of the favorite table games in the world with easy rules to play. That is reason why it attracts millions of people to join. But it does not mean Blackjack is not thrilling and exciting.

Blackjack is game that players compete to dealer and winners are persons who have the highest total scores without going over 21 including the dealer. Blackjack is began 2 cards for each player including dealer. In this table game, the cards J, Q and K are valued at 10 points each and Aces are counted as 1 or 11 depending on the game.

A standard Blackjack table includes 7 players and the dealer and is played on a half-circle shaped table. To begin the game, players have to place their bet and minimum and maximum betting limits is determined for each table. But generally, betting limits of Blackjack is from $5 to $250.

Blackjack key works you need to better understand

There are many Blackjack keys that any players must know and master if they want to play the best the game. First of all is Hitting and Standing that allows you to take another card from the dealer.  

The second is Stand meaning take no more cards.

The third is Double down that allows players to increase the initial bet by up to 100%. But remember that not all online casinos permit this.

The forth is Surrender. When the dealer has checked for Blackjack, players can choose Surrender option and they can get back a half and other half is taken by the dealer.

The last is Splitting. If the first two cards of players have same value, it is possible to split them into two hands. Then, players will bet with two separate hands in turn together with their winning or losing for each hand.

Blackjack jackpots

Like other casino games, Blackjack offers jackpot prizes up to millions of dollars, but only with progressive Blackjack game. After place bet as a mandatory rule at the beginning of the game, players can place an additional jackpot bet by placing the chips on a separate field on the table. Depending on the casino as well as your betting amount will trigger different jackpot payouts. Jackpots in Blackjack may be an ace, 2 aces, and more. The more aces you get, the higher jackpot you earn. With the ultimate progressive Blackjack jackpot that Mas889 offers, you can get rich quickly and change your life. You have to know that the progressive jackpot is connected to others. So, the more players participate, the bigger amount of money you get.

How to play and win Blackjack?

In order to play Blackjack, each player including the dealer has to place a bet and take 2 cards. After receiving 2 cards, players add up points of these cards and decide whether choose Hitting and Standing or Stand. If the total scores of any one equal 21, he wins by default. If not, you can take more cards until your total score is 21. Remember that if your cards total up to more than 21, you will go bust or lose automatically. When playing until out of cards, player who has the total values of the cards are closest to 21 will win.

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