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Slot game highway king and amazing prizes you cannot miss out|cn

Slot game highway king and amazing prizes you cannot miss out
[ 06-08-2016 ]
Slot game highway king and amazing prizes you cannot miss out

If you are fans of slot machine games, you are absolutely attracted by slot game highway king - a slot with theme of driving big trucks on the expressway. Highway king slot is regarded as one of the most played betting slots in Malaysia online casino. Playing slot game highway king, you surely amazed by a large number of huge prizes, great interface and lifelike sound system.

Since the time of having released in 2012, slot game highway king is always on top of the most attractive betting games and still appeal millions of people. With a huge number of exciting prizes, there is no reason to miss out it.

Features of slot game highway king

Highway king is an exciting and adventure slot game, therefore features of it are also thrilling. Highway king does not provide free bonus round like other slots but when playing this slot game, if you hit the Chequered Flag appears on reel 1 and 5, you get 10 to 15 free spins per one time of appearance.

Besides, slot game highway king offers an attractive feature is Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot. As you may know, speaking of progressive slots is speaking of liking progressive jackpots with each other to create huge jackpot. If you win this feature, you cannot image about the huge amount you can get.  

Prize structure in highway king slot game

As you know, slot game highway king has only 9 pay lines but range of coins from $0.01 to $5 like other slot games. However, you still get prizes and winning payouts as big as others. In slot game highway king, red truck, yellow truck and green truck are the biggest value symbols and you will 10,000 coins for 5 red trucks, 5000 coins for 5 yellow trucks and 1000 coins for 5 green trucks. If you bet the maximum is $45 per spin (you only bet 1 coin for each line in highway slot), the total winning payouts will be calculated by multiplier 10000 with $45.

Tips to play slot game highway king

The first tip I would like to introduce to you is getting more and more knowledge about random device named Random Number Generators.

The second tip, you should play the maximum meaning 9 pay lines of this slot game because winning symbols and winning combination will land on the lines.

The third tip, do not forget build up your bankroll by betting comfortable sizes of coins. When you really confident with your strategy, you should bet the maximum amount.

The last tip, remember to set your limits before you decide to play with real money. However, I suggest all of you should play highway king slot free at the beginning to get free experience as well as master rules of it.

As a risk person who love thrilling and adventure things, slot game highway king will be the most suitable choice for you. Do not hesitate to play highway king slot game today.

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