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Great blue slot C a new betting game for you to get more money and have fun|cn

Great blue slot C a new betting game for you to get more money and have fun
[ 04-08-2016 ]
Great blue slot C a new betting game for you to get more money and have fun

If you're a huge fan of betting genre, I am sure that you will clearly know about great blue slot. Today, great blue slot is not a normal betting game, it is a popular game which is the first choice of many gamers in the world especially those who have an endless interest with this betting genre. So, I think, in the betting world, great blue slot is really a great option worth to try immediately and I believe that this game will give you the new betting experience, the interesting moments and the valuable prizes. So, have you ever tried to join in great blue slot yet? If your answers is no, I think you should try it immediately. In this article, I will show you some necessary information that can help you join more effective.

What do you know about great blue?

Great blue slot is an outstanding product of Playtech and it is much loved by many people around the world. It has 5 reels and 25 payline video slots and it is an online betting game with ocean theme. Come to great blue slot game, you will be surprised at what you get. Unlike the traditional betting games with interface tedious and boring graphics, great blue slot is a new combination between traditional elements along with new ocean theme, excellent graphics and soothing music, guaranteed to bring the players the exciting betting experience, a sense of the sea, the cool, and the opportunity to become winner with exciting prizes. The following, in this article, I will show you how to use the game buttons of great blue effectively which can help you play more effective.

How to use the important buttons in great blue accurately and efficiently

In great blue slot, there are the important buttons that you should pay attention such as: Click to Change, Lines, spin, bet Max, bet per Line or Gamble. They have different roles in this game, and if you use them effectively, timely and accurately, it will help you increase your chances of winning a lot of times.

The first button is Click to Change. This button will be used if you want to change their denomination coins.

The second is Lines button. Line is an interesting button, with it, you can change the number of pay lines to play and to suit your betting strategy.

Then is Press Bet per Line. If you want to select the number of coins to bet per line, you have to use this button.

The next, if you want to spin the reels that you select before, you have to use Spin button. You should think carefully before clicking Spin.

The next button is Bet Max. Bet Max is a special button that will spin 25 reels at 10 coins per line if you want to and you click.

The last button that I want to mention is Gamble. Gamble is a special round which can help you double your winning. If you click Gamble, you will have the chance to increase your winning. But, before using this button, you should think carefully because unfortunately, it can also make you lose all in this betting game.

Welcome to great blue slot!