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Two significant symbols and general features of Great Blue|cn

Two significant symbols and general features of Great Blue
[ 23-07-2016 ]
Two significant symbols and general features of Great Blue

Features Great Blue slot machine

Technology does not stand still and already today so difficult to distinguish a real tank from a personal computer monitor, is running video slot Great Blue. Looking closer to the picture, it becomes clear that the device has moved us to the unusual seafloor, where the locals lead a regular life. They have become accustomed to the unexpected visits of people wanting to get richer, and actively help them in this difficult case. By the way, the enrichment process by five reels and twenty-five lines of the device, it is not difficult and extremely interesting, contrary to the majority of people that earn the big money is not without hard work. But here, too, need to work, not only the hands and head. Bright pearls, colorful fish and curious turtles are closely watching every spin, trying in every way to help underwater tourists gather in his dreams and wishes. Laughter, joy and faith in yourself - these are the main keys to financial freedom, which gives a charming slot.

Icons and the Wild Symbol

If you want to win on more solid in this slot machine, then we offer acquainted with the characters that will fall and what they should be. The symbol of the starfish: three or more of these characters or seahorse will give you the winning amount in excess of the prize, which is given for the highest combination, somewhere in the half. Yellow exotic fish three or more of these fish will give you an increase of winning by 30% compared to the previous categories. Winning even larger will bring you a combination of the symbols of the sea turtles or blue sharks. But the main and most important figure is the symbol of the Killer Whale. It can be a kind of Wild symbol and replace any symbol on the payline.

Scatter Symbol

With regards to the Scatter, in the gaming machine Great Blue he looks like a pearl, which is located on the shell. With it, in addition, how to increase your funds, you can get an incredible amount of free scroll, can be up to thirty-three, multiplied by fifteen, that's luck, and she will smile to you, if you are three words of the same sign. Then you will begin to shell generously sprinkled with bonuses, at least it wakes eight spins and a multiplier of two. If during this scroll you can catch three more shells sign, and no matter in what order you will become the proud owner of additional fifteen rotations and this can continue indefinitely.