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The way to play Dolphin Reefdol|cn

The way to play Dolphin Reefdol
[ 15-07-2016 ]
The way to play Dolphin Reefdol

A coin size can be selected by clicking on the Click to Change button in the lower left hand corner of the playing screen.

Line bets are selected by pressing Bet per Line. Each click pluses a coin to the line bet. When the highest amount is reached (about 10 coins of the chosen coin size), clicking on the button again to reset the line bet back to one coin.

Pay lines are selected by the Lines button. Each click triggers a pay line. When all pay lines are triggered, press on the button again in order to resets it back to one active pay line. Pay lines can also be triggered by using the numbered buttons on both sides of the reels. Choose a high pay line will contains all the lower pay lines as well. For instance, choosing pay line 9 will also activates pay lines from 1 through 8. Clicking on Bet Max to activate all pay lines with the max bet per line and turns the reels.

Total bet per game round are calculated as line bet X active pay lines.

Clicking Spin to turns the reels with the current choice of lines as well as line bets.

Reels can also be spun by the Auto Start button. Clicking (+) or (–) symbols located above the Auto Start chooses the number of spins to be spun. Click on Auto Start to start spinning the reels. The Auto Start button turns into Stop button in the Auto Start mode of reel spin. The Auto Start mode finishes when the reels have been turned the number of times set by the player, or when the player chooses Stop button.

Wins are counted according to the pay table. Line win equal line bet X corresponding multiplier. Scatter win equal total bet X corresponding multiplier. The pay table can be reached through the Info page.

On a chosen pay line, only the biggest pay line winning combination pays while simultaneous winnings on several pay lines are sum up together.

In case of a winning spin, the Win field shows the winnings.

Pay line wins and the total win are also shown on the black strip placed at the bottom of the game screen.

A win triggers the Gamble button which can start the Gamble feature.

  • Info page in Dolphin slot

Click on Info to open the reference screen showing different game components. Press on the arrow buttons at the lower right hand corner of the screen to turn on the navigating between the different info pages.

The Pay table page presents all winning combinations. When opened after a winning spin, the winning symbol combinations are highlighted as well as blink.

The Free Games screen illustrates the symbol combinations important to join the Free Games feature and illustrates the Free Games feature rules as well.

The Gamble screen illustrates how to try duplicating winnings by gambling with them and illustrates the doubling-up rules.

Show Pay lines can be reached from the Pay table page to show a screen which presents all possible pay line combinations. Clicking Hide Pay lines in order to close this screen and goes to the Pay table page.

Clicking Back to exit the Info page and go back to the main game.

This article is about the way to play this Dolphin slot. Hope that this will be useful for everybody who wants to play this Dolphin reef slot game at online casino malaysia.