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What is the Dolphin slot game about?|cn

What is the Dolphin slot game about?
[ 29-06-2016 ]
What is the Dolphin slot game about?

Dolphin slot game (created by Next Gen corporations) is an online gaming video slot accessible on iPhones or any smartphone/tablet/device that can run IOS/Android. No downloadable application is accessible and this slot can be done straight from a mobile browser thanks to their use of HTML5. The slot is themed around dolphins (as the name suggests) and other aquatic sea-world. The slot is host to 5 rounds and 20 pay lines with a normal-play jackpot of 5,000 coins. Only 1 coin can be done each line and a max of 20 coins can be done each spin. The coin size varies from $0.01 to $2.00 meaning that a maximum cost each spin comes out at $40.00. The slot insists of scatter/wild signal and free spin rounds as a re-spin feature. There are no further additional slots.

Look and feel for the Dolphin

Dolphin slot game is moderately an easy slot to enjoy, an underwater atmosphere is done with the backdrop and the win animations are pretty decent. The sound effects are okay. However, the signals are simplistic and lack imagination. The signals accommodate playing cards 9 through to ace of which are as easy as only drawing on the letter or number onto a signal game.

Dolphin slot game and winnings

To enjoy a slot, you must put a gamble on between 1-20 pay lines (inclusive) of which every coin must take on a denomination of between $0.01 and $2.00. This means that a spin can cost anywhere from $0.01 to $40.00; the jackpot award comes out to 5,000 coins and you’ll find it more rewarding as you gamble a higher coin value. The rest of the signals pay when began in the pay table which can be found in-slot and pay outs will be for the largest winning connection in a pay line, paying from left to right.

The signals consists numerous aquatic life and playing cards 9 through to ace as well; this consists of a turtle, a clownfish, a starfish, a seahorse, a dolphin (wild) and a treasury chest (scatter).

Dolphin slot game is lower variance than many of the counterparts in the Aristocrat slots game so whilst it is harder to get a very big win from the slot, you get a lot more playtime and the opportunity to walk away with a more modest benefit as you are lucky. That's in tough contrast to other Aristocrat slots such as Where the Gold or one of my favorites, the Dolphin slot where you can have large bands with no a sausage followed by feature (once in a blue moon!). 

I'm not a big lover of these low volatility slot machine malaysia. However, Dolphin slot game is a common place-based slot with those searching for a decent balance between entertainments and walking away with some kind of benefit to be fair. Just don't hope it to alter your life. All that is left for you to do is select your deposit, spin rounds and watch what luck Dolphin slot game gives for you good luck when you following drop your Casino.

The Dolphin Treasure slot was released online at the same time as Miss Kitty (Nov 30th 2011) and is probably the more recognizable of the two Aristocrat slots. It is basically a clone of the initial concept of Queen Of The Nile with a free spin feature dishing out 15 free spins at 3x, a popular enough feature these years.