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How to win highway king slot game|cn

How to win highway king slot game
[ 18-05-2016 ]
How to win highway king slot game

Highway king slot game is one of the popular betting games which played by many players across the world. If you are playing this game, you should read article to know the way to win this thrilling game.

Before entering the main part of the article, I will tell about the description of this game. This video slot game was provided by Playtech software supplier. The theme of this exciting game is inspired from huge truck driving on the highway.  In this game, you can also find a lot of bright symbols which relate to this theme. As I have write, there are many symbols but the main symbols are 3 trucks at all in different colors. They are red truck, yellow truck and green truck. Besides, there are also petrol pumps, tires, wheels, pistons, dices, plungers which will cheer you up in some cases which have benefits for you. This game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 pay lines. You can choose the number of pay line as well as the betting amount you will play. With slot game, you can play online or offline. If you want to play offline, you have to download it to your device, and if you want to play online, we provide both play free and play with real money for you to choose. But keep your mind that free play feature is only used when you do not wager. If you want to try betting slot, you have to pay money.

And now, I will move on to the best important of this article, this is how to win highway king slot game? The game is very simple to play but to win this game is not easy. At first, you have to make right combinations of gas cans, gas pump, wheels, dice and steering wheels, spark plugs as well as the combination of the huge trucks in red, green and yellow. You need to pay attention to the highest value symbols are red, yellow and green truck. If they appear on the reels, you will double your payment on the combinations. It is really good result if you make 5 red trucks appear on one spin, you get the maximum jackpot. Congratulate!

When you choose to highway king slot game for real money, you will spend real money on playing. It means that you can win or lose whenever. So, I suggest you should spend a little money for some beginning slot games to get more knowledge about this game before determining play with real money for the later times.

You also need to know about the winning percentage of this game as well as keep yourself always be awake. Because if you play with real money, this slot game is not easy as you think and besides playing, you have to know how much you win and lose to stop at on time.

Hope you can play the best this slot game and earn as much as prizes. Good luck!