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How To Play Highway King slot free|cn

How To Play Highway King slot free
[ 14-05-2016 ]
How To Play Highway King slot free

Highway King slot free download is an exciting game with 5 reel multi-line with the purpose of spinning the reels to gain winning mixtures. Spin the reels for your chance to win and make use of bonus factors and scatter images to increase your winnings.

Play the thrilling ride with Highway King slot free download for the chance to win big prizes and remember to activate Dollar Bill to have a chance to get the progressive jackpot.

How To Play Highway King slot free download

- Select the amount you wish to bet in each pay line by using the plus and minus images along the right side of the screen.

- Select the amount of pay lines you wish to bet against by clicking the Bet One howeverton. Each click selects one more line or selects Bet Max to select all pay lines.

- To spin the reels click the Spin howeverton.

- Once the reels have stopped spinning discover if you have winning mixtures on your pay lines. Winnings are calculated according to the pay table which you can see by choosing the Pay table howeverton.

- Your winnings for each pay line are totted up.


- The Red Truck is a wild image which means that it can substitute for any other image in the game to support you gain the highest possible winning mixture. If it is used to gain a winning mixture it also multiplies the win amount by two. Please note that the effect is not collective. If you have two Wild images this still only multiplies the winnings by two, not four.

- The Exhaust Pipe is the Scatter image. If you get between two and five of these images in your results you will gain further wins according to the Scatter pay table. They must lie consecutively however do not have to be on a single pay line. You can win with a Scatter win even if you don't win with your pay lines.


- This game factors a Dollar Bill bonus game. You can activate this game at any time by selecting the Enable howeverton.

- You will be shown with amounts 1-49 and as in a lotto game you must select 5 of these amounts. Select amounts by clicking on them or use a random selection by choosing the Random Pick howeverton.

- Once the Dollar Bill game is activate a bet will be placed every time you play the main game. The amounts will keep the same unless you go back into the game to change them.