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Features of Highway King slot game by Playtech|cn

Features of Highway King slot game by Playtech
[ 07-05-2016 ]
Features of Highway King slot game by Playtech

The Highway King slot game will see you take the challenge to become the best trucker out there, even if it is only fictional, and it makes you feel as free as a bird.

For those who love the open road and huge trucks, Playtech has the slot which is perfect for you. It is called Highway King slot and true to the name, it will make you feel like you have been part of the trucking community for years.

System and Style

The slot game Highway King is based on a five reel, nine paylines system and it is linkedto the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot. Providing that the paylines are less than what you find on a slot game these days, it is a game that attracts modest betting players. There is also a focus on the fun aspect, meaning the overall gameplay is very basic and straightforward.

As for the style of the game, you may wish to see all kinds of mechanical parts. From steering wheels to spark plugs, these are the symbols which make up the winning combinations. Much like the personality of a trucker, the animation is colorful and plain, but it still makes an exciting atmosphere.

Features and Bonuses

Firstly, the reason why everyone is so willing to play Highway King slot is due to the high payouts from the regular symbols. In most cases players must pray for the wild or scatter symbols to bring about more substantial prizes, but in this case players are very happy with base combinations. Nevertheless, there is a small drawback, which is that there are no bonus rounds or free spins. But as long as you see how well the base combinations pay out then you will not really miss it. To make things better for the players, in case you land a winning combination with a substituted huge red truck wild multiplier then you receive double your winnings.

If you can not get past the missing bonus round and free spins then you can opt for the Highway Kings Pro. In the bonus round you get to select 1 of 3 trucks and race down the highway. It does not matter if you select the blue, red or green truck, your chances are the same of receiving free spins and multipliers.

The Bottom Line

It might not be a slot game which is packed with bonus features, but it has a profitable RTP rate and the features it does have make up for what the game is lacking. Overall the Highway King slot game is not just fun to play, but it can improve your bank balance.