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Highway Kings Slot Machine - a game you should not ignore|cn

Highway Kings Slot Machine - a game you should not ignore
[ 05-05-2016 ]
Highway Kings Slot Machine - a game you should not ignore

Highway King Slot Game is known to be a men’s game, if you are not an extreme-lover. You also should take the high five reel and nine line road and stand all veers to arrive at the top jackpot of $200,000. If you go for this path, do not whimper after.

What is highway king slot all about? Giant Playtech recommends you burning rubber and CASHSPIN up hill and down dale. Get off the backside and ensconce yourself cozily in no download car to hit the monetary road with high-scored machine parts.

The game track can offer you a real prize threat and even result in a progressive jackpot disaster with unimaginable dollar consequences. Ladies love elegant cars, but you are a real man that can ride Truck. Can you? Let’s check it out, come to the game and we will see what you should do.

Of course, every speeding driver needs to make its hard bet to get the top award. There are coin sizes leading you to the fantastic and extremely hot prizes.

But it would be untruth to note you do not crave for the biggest reward of $200,000 ever! The range begins with $0.02 up to $20.00, show your skills to the max and put the highest coin value to open the spin motor.

Give the dust to five Red Trucks and gain $10,000 as the top gain by the maximum bet of $180 only. It is a real challenge, but you may make it! Furthermore, having got over the slot, you can set off a journey, Global Traveler Slot will be a big chance of making the trip real.

Wild Symbol

Who is at the wheel of Red Truck? It is wild chauffeur which can give all game symbols, apart from the scatter, the go-by! Your sixth sense has never let you down. You are right, the wild symbol means More Winning Combos for you. The game road is full of amazing cash impacts. So, LOOK OUT!

Scatter Symbol

Do you want to soup up your total bet? Trigger 3, 4 or 5 Sparkling Plugs to multiply it by 5, 10 or up to 100 times accordingly. How do you love the after-effect? That works out only with the scatter symbol. Keep Sparkling Plug capacity in mind or on the reels.

Progressive Jackpot

You have the scatters, wilds, big desire to participate the award hustle, but the slot lacks of features. Will you agree to Progressive Jackpot Race? If it is nothing left to obtain, then, you had better take a hold of that prize or you can upgrade your scoops playing Highway King Slot Game.

Just prior to you begin to select five numbers, trigger Dollar Ball icon to come your figures into effect. 5 matches out 5! The big sum of money is yours. Though, there are 49 figures and to pick the right ones is the challenge for real thrill-drivers.

Highway king slot sounds off $200,000 short range race! Hot wire the video slot to make the reward end first. There are no features, nothing would distract you from the main trophy, apart from the progressive jackpot that is worthy of your choice.

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