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How to win the great blue slot game|cn

How to win the great blue slot game
[ 08-04-2016 ]
How to win the great blue slot game

A lot of players may be accustomed with the traditional way of playing the game as in the middle row, there are only three symbols exist in line which is the main factor to win. The list below may give different overlooks about the Great Blue slot game.

  1. The Great Blue slot game has three reels instead of five reels

For most of players, slot games have five reels. However in the Great Blue slot game, there is only 3 reels. Therefore, before playing, bear in mind this unique point to get on well with the game as you will not embarrassed by the new features

2. The Great Blue slot game does not have a narrow Winning Streak

The slot game is different from other traditional ones as the traditional slot game concentrated on the symbols in order to be aligned at the middle row. It means that either on the top, bottom, diagonal or zigzag, the winning streak could be calculated to the row

3. Understand the roles of Pay Lines.

in the Great Blue slot game, there are probably winning streak. Each slot game has around nine to thirty different beating lines, they are also called Pay Lines. For example, you may win up to twenty five paylines in each spin. The slot game also accepts any forms of paylines whether the paylines run in different directions as zigzag, diagonal or straight direction. The striking point is that you may win the Great Blue slot game if you get any categories of those 25 paylines.

4. The Change In Symbol’s Position In The Slot Game

Players who want to beat the Great Blue should bear in mind that they need to align these symbols with each other to win. Particularly, the aquatic symbols in the Great Blue slot game will not need to appear consequently in a specific point in the payline

5. Make Decision The Amount Of Pay Line To Put A Bet

Playing the Great Blue slot game, players should imagine first in order to make decision to put a bet on the pay line. For instance, if there may be up to 25 pay lines shown on the screen. This infer the fact that 25 different pay line will lead to 25 times of chances of winning. Therefore, whenever you start spinning, remember to think and consider thoroughly the number of pay line to put a bet on. Probably, you may predict that there will be from three to 18 lines, and you can pick randomly from 1 to 25 pay lines in case you are not required to select displayed pay line.

In the slot game Great Blue, you only need to put a bet on the quantity of pay lines. However, before betting, remember that you will have to place 7 coins in each spin if you put a bet for 7 lines. It means that the amount of money you bet in every spin is equal to the number of selected lines.