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Best live dealer casinos for gamers from Malaysia|cn

Best live dealer casinos for gamers from Malaysia
[ 06-04-2016 ]
Best live dealer casinos for gamers from Malaysia

Background Malaysia is a closed gambling shop with Genting International the holders of the single casino license issued by the authority.  Genting have made the most of this license and developed one of the world's biggest hotel/casinos - the enormous Highlands Resort.  Aside from concessions afforded the casino at the Highlands Resort, Malaysia's Betting Act 1953 (the Act) renders common betting houses and gambling activities illegal in Malaysia.

The Act has not been reformed to address online gambling Malaysia nor has any specific I-gaming legislation been put in place.  As a consequence, the legality of online gambling in Malaysia remains largely untested.  Legal uncertainties aside, the authority's obvious position is that they do not want Malaysian's playing online.  It was reported July 2009 that the Malaysian Home Ministry was operating with Bank Negara to try to find ways of blocking gambling related transactions to limit gamer's ability to fund betting accounts.  Clearly Malaysian authorities haven't studied the effectiveness of the United States' attempts to do the same with their UIGEA law.

Only time will tell how effective authority attempts are in curtailing gamer access to casinos and sport books. Starved of terrestrial gambling choices the internet will no doubt continue to be a very impressive option for a population with a renowned propensity to gamble.

[Update May 2010]

In an attempt to combat thriving illegal online gambling Malaysia activity on soccer particularly, the Malaysian authority awarded its first sports betting license to Ascot Sports, a company connected to local tycoon Vincent Tan.  Ascot Sports will be authorised to install retail betting shops and telephone betting services for Malaysian non-Muslims (approximately 30% of population). Ascot determines to extend this offering to online betting down the track subject to authority approval.

[Update June 2010]

Following protests from Muslim and anti-gambling groups the Malaysian authority decided not to carry out with issuing Ascot Sports a sports betting license.  Prime Minister Najib Razak told media, "I hereby hope to announce that the authority has decided that the license will not be issued...it was clear to the authority that a majority of the people did not agree that the license be issued to Ascot Sports."

Best live casino for Malaysian gamers

A amount of great live dealer casinos welcome Malaysian gamers presently. In spite of the fact that online gambling Malaysia is not allowed in the country, it is still very popular