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Great Blue slot game C the entire review|cn

Great Blue slot game C the entire review
[ 04-04-2016 ]
Great Blue slot game C the entire review
  1. The Great Blue slot game- introduction

Great Blue slot game which is developed by Playtech software is a kind of classic slot game. The game is non-progressive, has 25 paylines, and 5 reels.

The game is highly rated with over 90% in four factors: Bonuses has the highest rate with 96%, Game play is the runner up with 95%, Value and Graphics following with 94% and 93% respectably.

The striking feature of the game is that it is one of the most Playtech slots, has the High Roller Heaven and unlimited time. However, its detriment is your bankroll can be eaten quickly. Let’s see the overview of Great Blue slot game via a player’s viewpoint!

  1. Great Blue slot game- overview.

The Great Blue slot has the tendency of paying out big, it is considered as a highly unpredictable and high variation slot game, which is also the disadvantage of the game.

Despite those detriments, the game is worth playing! Enjoy the game, you will experience extremely excited and fantastic feeling. The themes in the game is underwater, it includes features as wonderful effect, stacked wilds and unlimited times. Briefly, Great Blue slot game will match to a land where based casino. Playing the game give you extreme fun and win easily as the game creates a lot of chances.

Like other new released slot games you probably have ever tried, the Great Blue slot game also offers good stacked wilds. However, what makes you absolutely are crazy about it is by hitting three clam shells or more than three on any of the five reels in play, it is activated in the bonus round.

After the bonus round in the Great Blue slot game, you will move to the round which has ocean floor theme, you have to choose 2 clams in five which are presented on the screen. . Therefore, it shows the multiplier of the bet and additional free spins.

You will be possibly given 33 free spins with multiplier of a bet of 15x. It is definitely a big reward for any players attempt to win the Great Blue slot game.

And now, in this round, you may be curious of finding every ways to know how to get the reward of multiplier the bet over 100 times in the bonus round. There are many players play the Great Blue and winning several superb, they, however, are warned as the reason that as this article referred initially: the Great Blue slot game is a high variation slot and has a highly volatile, so before players can activate the bonus round by hitting three or some more clam scatters, this game seems to be last long. Nevertheless, if you as many other players like slots game which has high variation, you will get a lot of chances of winning the game Great Blue slot game, this is one of the reason why some players are crazy about playing the Great Blue slot.

If you want to play this slot game, bear in mind these things listed above before putting bet by real money in any casinos you are suggested.