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Slot highway king features|cn

Slot highway king features
[ 01-04-2016 ]
Slot highway king features

Slot highway king is a trucking online game that is built by Playtech, the most common business of game online. This slot has 5 reel and 9 paylines. You can see different symbols based on the truck such as spark plugs, steering wheels and piston, and so on. We can also find some truck in different colors like red, green, and yellow. Honestly, some people may have the poor impressions at the first time they look at slot highway king. However, if you are interested in a funny game with the amazing theme, colorful symbols and 4D animations as well as a wonderful storyline, slot highway king is a great game to be recommended. This game will give you the relaxing moments and a chance of winning a few bucks. Slot highway king is similar to other online games that can be found in most casinos. However, what makes them different are its graphics, characteristics and the bonus features. That is the reason why slot highway king is not a basic game but it is still interesting to play. In this article, I would like to introduce highway king slot game features that help you understand this game better.


Active paylines are lines appearing on the reels. You can activate or deactivate paylines by clicking the Bet One button.

If a combination appears on an payline, you will win.

The Winning Tables

A number of every hit for each symbol is shown on the tables. For instance, if you have 5 symbols, you can read the number appearing on the line and in the column under this symbol.  You can win slot highway king by multiplying the line bet.

It is important for you to distinguish the total bet and the line bet. How much players bet on a single line is shown in the line bet while how much players spend in slot highway king will be shown in the total bet.

Dollar Ball

In a lotto-type progressive sidegame, players will choose 5 numbers out of 49. When you start the game, 5 numbers will appear randomly. If the appearing numbers match your number selection, you will win the jackpot.

You can find Dollar Ball in the top right of the screen. By clicking button Enable, 49 numbers will appear. The game starts.

Other Buttons

Slot highway king has other buttons like

  • Playtable: Click this button to open the playtable. Click it again to close
  • Bet One: Bet one coin. Find the button Spin to spin the reel
  • Bet Max: Bet 9 coins. The reels are spin automatically
  • Spin

Current Balance

It is important to check your account balance regularly to control the money you use on slot highway king. Make sure that you do not lose too much.

Play For Real Money

Most casinos allow players to enjoy highway king slot free play. However, if you want to play slot highway king for real money, you can find the button in Offline Mode or Fun. After you have a Real Money account, you can start to earn a few bucks.


There are three options in Menu. Clicking History, you can see the detail information of game rounds. Options will help you to alter audio quality. Clicking Autoplay, you will activate automate gameplay.