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Legal Gambling in Malaysia|cn

Legal Gambling in Malaysia
[ 11-03-2016 ]
Legal Gambling in Malaysia
At the beginning, we have several forms of legal gambling casino Malaysia. We are the only Islamic a large number of nation with legal gambling casino. Just only a one hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur, you can reach the Genting Highlands at which has many things to do, with theme parks, golf, archery, pool, concerts, shows and much more all available to both locals and tourists. The famous thing of course is Casino de Genting where our country’s only three legal casinos Monte Carlo, Hollywood, and Star World are located.

Adding to casinos, Malaysia also has pari­mutuel gambling on horse racing and three legal lottery companies of Sports Toto, Magnum 4D and Pan Malaysian Pools. Each of these companies provides multiple scheduled draws. 4D has long been the most popular. Nevertheless, Sports Toto has massive rewards available in Supreme 6/58 and Power 6/55.

Ethnic Malaysian Cannot Gamble

Each state also has its own laws and an Islamic Religious Affairs Department to help enforce Sharia law. It is also possible for states to create their own Syariah criminal offence laws to grow, but not reduce, the penalties the federal laws stipulate.

In brief, while we have a lot of legal gambling here, it is not available to the 60% of our population that are ethnic Malaysian. It is available to the staying 40% of our population which is mostly Chinese, and our other ethnic minorities and tourists as well.

Malaysia Gambling Law

What Malaysian enjoyers need to be conscious of is that unlawful gambling carries a penalty of up to six months imprisonment, or a fine of up to RM3000. Enjoying online casino Malaysia games is technically illegal, though our police are not in the slightest bit concerned when this is done at home and in private, using foreign gambling sites. This is reason why it is important to avoid domestic online casinos that operate illegally.
In conclusion, if you are looking for the safest selections, using our 3 lottery companies, online gambling Malaysia at the official racing tote and enjoying at Casino de Genting are the 3 selections that are completely legal under our national laws. While enjoying online is still something of a grey area, thousands of Malaysians are doing it on a daily basis without any results. While there is a greater than zero risk involved, for the most part it is something that can be enjoyed safely from your own home.

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