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The Simple Rules to play Blackjack|cn

The Simple Rules to play Blackjack
[ 26-02-2016 ]
The Simple Rules to play Blackjack

Besides the benefits you can gain from playing Malaysia Online Casino includes unlimited of time to make any bets, secure your privacy as no one knows how much you experience the game and of course most of online casinos have let the players place a min bet of 1 US dollar plus no service charged if you want to pay on credit card since they want you to try more times. Therefore, it’s no use rejecting the bet’s bonus given by them, right? However, it can be wondered which online casino games for newbies to try first?
Blackjack Online Game may be the best game for beginner as it is the simplest Malaysia Online Casino list to know and experience. The game includes some easy rules to follow and the possibility to beat Online Blackjack Game is not so tough for sure.  To have a better understanding on how to get fun, here is the Blackjack Rules to play.  

Blackjack Rule No. 1:  Every card contains their own numeric values to count  for instance:
o   Card ‘A’ or Aces is equal to ‘1’ or ‘11’ based on the playing rule. Consequently, when you earn card ‘A’ and card ‘9’ in hand, your cards in total are worth as ‘10’ or ‘20’ that is rather closer to 21.
o   Card ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’ or Face cards is equivalent to 10.
o   The Other smaller cards are worth as per their own numeric amount.  

Blackjack Rule No. 2: Reach closer amount of card’s value to 21, to beat the game. By the way, keep in mind that the total amount value of cards in hand had better not be over 21 or else you lose the game at once.

Blackjack Rule No. 3: The game can begin after they have at least two players who want to try

Blackjack Rule No. 4: To start the game, the players must take a seat and place a bet first. In some online casino, the min and max bet is stated for every table, so you have to decide which level of bet’s amount you can pay and start to learn the rules of the game. However, for those who are the newbies, you should rather put a min stake to play at the beginning.

Blackjack Rule No. 5: The dealer  gives 2 cards for every player by turning one face up and the other down. After you have the cards, you must make a choice  whether you will ask for more card or just keep that amount when you know one card of the dealer.

Blackjack Rule No. 6: The card is given to every player one by one correspondingly. If you feel that the sum of your cards  are too low, you need to ask for more as much as you want. Remember that if the total amount of your cards is beyond21, you lose the game.

Blackjack Rule No. 7: The dealer has to hit the card’s amount at 17 as the min, if the player got the value’s card less than 16, the dealer  gets advantage and wins the game.  
Based on the above easy rules to play Blackjack Game Online, the hint key to win is all about the decision to stand or to hit once it is on your turn to deal with.

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