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Dolphin Cash Slot Game - Free Play & Real Money|cn

Dolphin Cash Slot Game -  Free Play & Real Money
[ 25-02-2016 ]
Dolphin Cash Slot Game - Free Play & Real Money

This is a brand new slot from PlayTech, a kind of dolphin slot, its designs based on the marine life platform and includes some animals living under there. The graphics are apparently stunning. This game is also a component of the newest innovations by PlayTech – Xtra Win. It is a unique feature which can be enabled or disabled at any time and provides space for a couple of cool extra features which we will look into later on. Notwithstanding, one thing for sure is that it adds thrilling to the game and that is usually good. In general, this video slot game consisting of 30 lines and 5 reels, bringing about a chance of entering a second screen bonus game, make the best use of a shifting wild symbol and  gain winnings up to 12 free spins. More details of these features presented as follows:

Dolphin Slot Cash Bonus

Whenever 2 bonus symbols arrive on the real #1 and reel #5 synchronously, you will be admitted into a bonus game round. It includes a dolphin which is controlled by you and a bunch of coins in the sky. Your aim is to help him gain these coins to earn winning cash prizes.

Free Games

If you get three or more dolphin slot cash golden coins on the reels, you will be granted with 12 free spins. What is even better – all the winnings during these rounds are multiplied 3 times! Yet, more spins are not reactivated during the free games mode.

Shifting Wild

The shifting wild is a totally new part added to the latest PlayTech dolphin slot. It can only appear the last, fifth reel and when it does, it moves one position to the left side after each spin. So you usually have locked in a guaranteed wild symbol on the reels for 4 more spins!


A more unknown feature is added to the Dolphins Cash slot. Xtra Win is a completely unique feature which can be enabled by a click on the button on top of the reels. When it is turned on, it enables the same feature as the expanding wild. Anytime a symbol shows up on the reel #5, it will be cloned and cover two rows in total. Also remember that both of these wilds will become shifting ones – you will have two rows as wild symbols locked in for the next four spins! Several really massive wins can be earned this way.

Our Take

There is actually not all that a lot of games that can live up with the amount of features offered by Dolphins Cash. If you are looking for a slot which has great quality graphics along with features which can end up with you experiencing a large payday, well this dolphin slot is!