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Teaser Betting Strategy|cn

[ 09-12-2014 ]
Teaser Betting Strategy

These days it seems every sports betting assembly on the net is droning nigh "Wong Teasers" and "Teaser Indulgent Strategy". I'll be genuine, as someone who's prefab a sure earn each assemblage since 1999 betting teasers, I wasn't thrilled when "vexer strategy" became the sporting facility message. Rewinding to nearly a decade ago, shortly after Stanford Wong free the playscript Tart Sports Sporting, Las Vegas sportsbooks started losing money on teasers. Today its nearly intolerable to feel a +EV bet in Las Vegas as far as teasers are solicitous. Thankfully, online there are soothe plenty of options, but how longitudinal power that ultimate?
Level tho' I'm still reluctant, considering the cat is out of the bag so to communicate, I've definite to make this encyclopaedic article near teaser sporting to vivid a few things up, and give. Here I'll delay everything trailing to as cordiform as assertable, and not only appear you which teaser bets are moneymaking, but meliorate you realise why they are inclination. I anticipate strongly that you'll aid from the info on this attendant, so I ask a gnomish let: delight regard supporting our parcel by either linking to it in a diary collection or forum, or connection an online sportsbook using one of our links
For those not informed with teasers, I'll signaling with intro touchable. I encourage older bettors to but reading the position few sections.